Decoding Autism with Sara Lee Kessler
These scientists are on the front lines of autism research trying to determine what causes autism spectrum disorders. They are looking for answers that could one day lead to new treatments and, hopefully, a cure.
Dr. Hakon Hakonarson Dr. Hakon Hakonarson
Autism Gene Researcher,
Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia
Dr. David Amaral Dr. David Amaral
Autism Phenome Project Director,
UC-Davis MIND Institute
Dr. Linda Brzustowicz Dr. Linda Brzustowicz
Autism Gene Researcher,
Rutgers University
Dr. Christopher Walsh Dr. Christopher Walsh
Genetics Chief,
Children’s Hospital Boston
Dr. Ami Klin Dr. Ami Klin
Autism Program Director,
Yale Child Study Center
Dr. Philip Landrigan Dr. Philip Landrigan
Department of Preventive Medicine Chairman Mount Sinai School of Medicine
Dr. Manuel Casanova Dr. Manuel Casanova
University of Louisville School of Medicine

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